Wild herb cookbook

Sami Tallberg




Sami Tallberg



helmikuu 2012



Paino 1000 g
Mitat 257 × 198 × 23 mm

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The book portrays 59 wild plants including delicious recipes related to them. These plants grow on seashores, in spruce forests, on meadows and house yards. Sami Tallberg has worked in acclaimed restaurants around the globe for over a decade, gathering experience on the culinary use of wild plants. In his work he relies extensively on wild flora and runs his own business that sells wild plants to Finland’s leading restaurants. The excellent identification pictures by Jouko Lehmuskallio of the award-winning, plantspecific information summaries and the chef’s seasonal, delicious and yet simple recipes for each wild plant make this book unique. Contrary to what many may believe, wild plants are no last-resort replacements. The dishes Sami has prepared out of wild plants have all been extremely popular in restaurants where he has worked. Wild plants also play an essential role in Sami’s home kitchen. Sami Tallberg represents the restaurant world’s evolved idea about life today. This passionately and artfully devised book on wild herbs testifies to it. In a changing world where consumption habits are in flux, locally produced ecological food is held in high regard once more.